Greetings From the SNDU President


Landen Schmeichel


My name is Landen Schmeichel. At the beginning of April, I was elected to serve a one-year term as president of Students-North Dakota United (SNDU). In this role, I hope to further the cause of education in our state and our world through collaborating with many other state leaders, student leaders, and future educators from around the state and across the nation.

For those of us involved in SNDU, the planning and organizing for the next academic year is currently being discussed. We have high hopes for the next year, and those hopes include your participation!

At SNDU we hope to achieve three goals in the months to come. The first goal has to do with growth. In order to be effective, it is imperative that an organization has a growing membership. Our first goal for this year is to have every student in the state of North Dakota asked to sign up for student membership in North Dakota United. Maybe this seems like an objective unlikely to be realized, it is not out of reach!

The second goal has to do with our voice. We are the future. We are the future of education. We are the future leaders of this world, and it is up to us to discover how to make our voice heard. In the year to come, I will work with the leaders of North Dakota United and the leaders of the SNDU to discover how to help you have a voice in the future. As educators, and even as current students, having a voice in what politicians, governments and other powers decide is extremely important.

Lastly, our third goal is to provide professional-development experiences and other events for the future educators of North Dakota throughout the academic year. Through these experiences, teacher-education students will be able to learn more about the amazing profession that they are about to step into, and will be able to collaborate with current and future teachers to gain the tools they need in order to become the most effective teachers possible.

Well-known philanthropist and political leader Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We as future educators know this is true, but it is my hope that throughout the next year we will truly discover the meaning of this quote, and we will equip ourselves with the tools we need to succeed in changing the world.

Please stand by for more information from myself and other leaders in SNDU about the upcoming year. I am excited for growth, for discovering our voice, and for experiences that will last a lifetime!

Landen J. Schmeichel

SNDU President



Through its affiliation with North Dakota United, NEA and the NEA Student Program, the SNDU provides college students with assistance, benefits and professional resources. The association gives students the opportunity to learn

— not only from each other, but also from a network of campus advisors and from the finest professionals in education.


The SNDU elects officers and is represented on the NDU Board of Directors. Student representatives are also elected to the NDU Delegate Assembly as well as the National Representative Assembly, ensuring that professional practitioners are listening to the voice of future educators


Each SNDU campus chapter plans activities and programs designed to help students become successful educators.


Students are also eligible for a rebate from both NEA and NDU when joining as an active member.


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